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[VIDEO] Organic Produce Pop Quiz – Can A Blindfolded Tester Taste the Difference?

June 25, 2012 by  
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[VIDEO] Organic Produce Pop Quiz – Can A Blindfolded Tester Taste the Difference? Find Out @ < >

Video Summary: ‘Yes, Peter Romano is back. In fact, many of you have told me your favorite video so far is Peter Romano’s first segment. Peter and I have a special bond and I really think this is apparent in our videos. This friendship grew over my first few months at Fairway which were spent unloading trucks at our Broadway store with him. I would arrive promptly at six in the morning, which I thought was plenty early. Peter, though, had already been there for a few hours making sure every piece of produce was up to Fairway’s standards. With literally every piece of produce coming into the company going through his hands, it is not a surprise Peter is THE produce authority. But to be quite honest even I was a little surprised he was able to pick every piece of organic produce in this video. I guess it goes to show you there is a discernable difference between organic and conventional produce.’

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