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[VIDEO] FOOD FOR THOUGHT: What is Hunger in America? – Go Organic

February 19, 2012 by  
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[VIDEO] FOOD FOR THOUGHT: What is Hunger in America? Watch this eye opening clip @ < >

Video Excerpt: “They could be your neighbor, your friend, your classmate, people like you and me…if we are to fight the issue of hunger we must commit to doing it together.”

Video Synopsis: “The Faces of Hunger competition called for young filmmakers to capture what hunger looks like in America. It seemed straightforward enough; all I had to do was go down to a homeless shelter or a food bank, ask some questions about their stories, and I’d have my video. Right? Wrong.

In the film, Food for Thought, I discovered through the process that the true issue of hunger did not only lie among the homeless population as many assumed, but with the people around us — middle-class families, and most humbling of all — my own family. Let me tell you, it was not easy to admit.

When I came to terms with this difficult fact, my first reaction was to drop the film. This was not what I expected to discover and it was far too personal to share publicly. But as I reflected more and realized that there could be 35 million stories of hunger hidden under blankets of pride, I found myself with no choice but to speak out. I needed to share the fact that families like mine are only able to get through those tough times with the help of others. Hunger is so much more than just a need for food — it is the need for community.

With the help of my fellow filmmaker Shelby Barnes, I decided to go forth and finish the film. And so we invite you into this journey.

- dolce wang”

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