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[VIDEO] How To Buy Organic

January 28, 2012 by  
Filed under Momma B

[VIDEO] FOOD FOR THOUGHT: “How to Buy Organic” @ < >

Video Clip Summary Info:

here’s a quick summary of this video: “How important is it to buy organic foods versus non organic? How can I buy organic on a tight budget? Do I need to buy all organic foods? These are questions I am asked frequently, and I answer them all in this video.

How to buy Organic without breaking the bank Buy in Bulk Go to a Farmer’s Market, buy local and find deals Buy more expensive organic foods only on special occasions. Sundried tomatoes and pine nuts are typically more expensive options. Buy Organic when necessary. Pineapples and grapefruits have thick skins that protect chemicals from contaminating your food. Use the chart below to learn what foods you need to buy organic and which ones aren’t as important.”

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