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[VIDEO] 11 Year Old Exposes GMO Foods & Promotes Organic Food

January 25, 2012 by  
Filed under Momma B

[VIDEO] FOOD FOR THOUGHT: ’11 Year Old Declares Desire To Be Organic Farmer – Exposes GMO Foods, Promotes Organic Foods & Farming’ @ < > what do you think about what he says in this clip – sure made us think here at Momma B!

Video Clip Summary Info:

If only all young kids were like this and as enlightened about the foods they eat, especially their parents that feed them the garbage on the supermarket shelves

11 Year Old, Birke Baehr, Exposes GMO Food & Animal Treatment along with Promotes Organic, Local Food and More. This Kid is Awesome!

Monsanto Needs to be Stopped!

Recorded from a TEDx Talk / Presentation in Asheville, North Carolina

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