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FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Students Taught How To Beat Depression Through Organic Food

April 8, 2012 by  
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Article Excerpt: “In 2001, Goldberg tried eating organic foods and began to feel better. He realized Prozac was no longer working. It did stop the depression, but it never allowed him to feel any emotion.
“I always felt numb, I was never happy nor sad,” he said.
Since organic food is about avoiding toxins he decided to quit smoking and stop taking the anti-depressant.
The three things that turned Goldberg’s life around were joining a leadership program that allowed him to understand the impact of Prozac on himself and others, an amino-acid diet and the movie “What the Bleep Do We Know.”
“All these things opened my eyes to realize, through all the years that had gone by, I never had any personal or emotional development due to the side effects of Prozac,” he said.
Goldberg stated there are eight ways to fight depression and feel better.
He asked, “what do you put in a Ferrari? The best fuel there is.”
Goldberg said people need to eat the best they can to take care of their bodies. He suggested to try raw foods that are high in nutrients as well as watching one’s glycemic index intake.
Goldberg said, “sugar intake speeds your body up and then causes you crash a few hours later.”
He suggested if you craving something sweet replace it by eating something sour, like sour kraut.
Other things that can help fight depression are yoga, meditation, avoiding alcohol and drugs, getting seven to nine hours of sleep and making sure to get enough Vitamin D.
The last thing Goldberg mentioned that could conquer depression above all, is the power of our own thought’s. The movie “What the Bleep Do We Know” explains this theory in depth. According to Goldberg, “we can concisely break our depression through our thoughts, it’s all a matter of will power.”

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