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FOOD FOR THOUGHT: ‘All-Natural’? How to Guard Against 3 Misleading Food Labels & Go Organic

March 4, 2012 by  
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FOOD FOR THOUGHT: ‘All-Natural’? How to Guard Against 3 Misleading Food Labels & Go Organic < >

pleased to share that Momma B Organic products are 100% Certified USDA Organic and NOFA-NY Certified Organic. It wasn’t inexpensive or easy or quick to achieve these certifications but it was important for our family and for yours and so that’s why we made it a top priority. Enjoy!

Article Excerpt: “Every fashionista follows a cardinal rule: Look at the label. The little tag may be understated, but it represents big concepts—quality, style, status. Most importantly, it assures shoppers that the clothing they’re shelling out hundreds of bucks for is the real thing—not a cheap knockoff. Consumers follow the same principle with the foods they decide to put into their shopping carts. Health-conscious folks pick up cereals because they boast brightly colored labels reading “made with whole grains” and “contains whole wheat.” Moms select certain snacks because they’re “all-natural.” And environmentalists stock up on egg cartons dotted with “cage-free” stickers. Shoppers buy these products over others and are even willing to pay a premium because they want their foods to be nutritious and earth-friendly. If the labels make these claims, they must be true. Right? Wrong.” (good)

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